When innocent eyes gives independent looks,
When small little hands wants you to go & let the things be
When soft gurgles converts into commands.

Then you should realize that your little one has grown up. This is a right time that child should move away from the confines of home to the preschool.

So, Give your child all the pleasure of a World Class Pre School.—The Champs. The school is famous & known for the quality of education, teachers, strength of curriculum & world class facilities.

Pre school is not a place where formal education is imparted but yes, it definitely a place where children have their first state of independence. And today, with both the parents working, it has an evitable part in child’s life.

We, at The Champs Aims :

  • That, we make the children exposed to various learning activities in order to make them independent.
  • Helping a child to develop self help habits like independent food eating habits, cleanliness.
  • Giving him identifications of his own possessions.
  • We invent & develop lot of games that help children learn various concepts.