Our curriculum is maintained and framed by experts keeping in mind the age and capabilities of 2 year child. Our curriculum builds upon the natural curiosity and inquiry that the children inhibit at this age. Children consolidate and connect what they learn. Ponder and question, observe and demonstrate their learning in multiple ways. The classroom in the school itself are an explosion of ideas and creativity.

1.Visits Excursions: Visits, Picnics and Excursions are conducted at regular intervals for the students to make learning more enjoyable. The school invariably takes its students to various places of educational and historical interests.

2. Annual Day: The Annual day is celebrated every year in the month of March. On this day, children present their learning of last year in the form of performances.

3. Workshops & Seminars:We organize workshops & seminars for parents & students from time to time. We feel it as a medium to polish & develop our students as well as parents. In Parents seminars, child psychologist give various tips to the parents so as to confront with the problems they encountered while upbringing their child.

4. Theatre: At The Champs , we always discover various innovative methods to develop our children. Somebody has rightly said that “ Theatre is one of the most form of performing arts for the discovery one’s own self. ” Therefore. we believe that theatre is not only medium of self expression but also a way to gain self confidence, communication skills.

5. Summer Camp: Nowadays, with both the parents working, each parent has a concern that their child spend quality time during their vacations. To sort this, we organize a summer camp from 15th May to 15th June. We offer various courses like Painting, Skating, Judo, Art & Craft, Dance, Music etc. Parents can see their children performing on the stage on the last day of summer camp.

6. Birthday Celebration: On every last Saturday, we celebrate birthdays of that month born children in the school. Each child celebrates his B’Day with his family e amidst balloons, music, games and beautiful atmosphere. A beautiful Birthday Portrait is gifted to each child.

7. Grandparent’s Day: Nowadays, parents don’t live with their own parents. To bridge the gap of love & respect, in the month of September, the grandparents’ day is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. Children express love and gratitude for their grandparents through dramatizations and performances on the stage. Grandparents dance and play games with their grandchildren, bringing them closer to each other.

8. Festivals Celebration: The Champs celebrate all festivals of four communities-Hindu, Muslim , Sikh & Christians with zest & zeal.

9. Ball Pool: Full with balls & carpet covering , the ball pool activity is enjoyed by our tiny tots. The children loves to throw the ball at each other, lie down & jump in the balls.

10. Adio visual Room: In this spacious room with smart boards, every concept is given the shape of virtual reality. Not only concepts, children indulge in fun with friends watching Noddy or their favourite flicks like Hanuman

11. Child Development Centre: This colourful center provides children all the tools and aids which foster their all round development. From puzzles, blocks, flash cards to hammer set, beads- the place is equipped with innovative teaching aids.